What is astrology?

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Astrology is a set of beliefs and practices based on the symbolic interpretation of the supposed correspondences between celestial configurations and human affairs, collective or individual.

True astrology is an ancient science, which is no longer taught, because modern humans no longer have the ability to tame it with their limited intellect.

Modern astrology is based on statistics, especially haphazard, it is not duly involved in any form of spirituality or primordial tradition.

Modern astrologers exercise a materialistic science, they place more importance on statistics devoid of reason instead of focusing on their personal reason.

Astrologers are charlatans because to rely on lifeless statistics, and to provide no explanation, is utter incompetence.

Provided services

  • Clairvoyance on your past, present and future. 🔮

  • Explanations and advice given to help you solve your questions and problems.

  • Sophrology techniques to help you gain positivity.

  • Results guaranteed from the first session.

  • No form of dependence or addiction to my sessions will be tolerated.

  • Tarot session offered with the clairvoyance session

  • Guaranteed service.

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