What is magnetism?

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Be careful, for your own good and safety, always contact first and foremost doctors recognized by the state for all types of diseases whatsoever. Then turn to unconventional forms of medicine if official medicine has not given you anything, and always with the advice of a real competent doctor.

Be careful, this fashion has the particularity of bringing together a large number of charlatans, anyone who does not apply the "satisfied or refunded" policy will be considered an ipso facto charlatan.

A magnetizer is a person who practices unconventional medicine using magnetism for pain relief or for healing.

In reality, there is no magnetizer who can cure serious illnesses, with the help of his own hands and his energy, otherwise this beautiful gift would already be known in broad daylight, there is no would have more sick people on earth, and conventional medicine would be obsolete.

The magnetizer acts on two principles, based in his unconscious as a rule, the law of attraction and the egregore.

Indeed, the magnetizer limited and unconscious of his own absurdity, but endowed with an unshakable liver, generates a egregore, that of being able to heal, and his patients will allow him to nourish it more in a synergistic way.

In the concrete case, the magnetizer, like his patient, has the will to cure his patient (they are virtuous in most cases), his patient feels the will of the practitioner and he grants an unshakeable belief, the patient as well as the practitioner engenders a egregore, that of bringing healing, but in the practical case, all that happens is a slight psychological improvement of the patient , and positive psychology makes it possible to relieve (see cure) any form of disease, in an indirect and progressive way.

In summary, apart from bringing a little positivity and liver to his patient, the magnetizer does nothing else, the practices of magnetism are therefore limited and do not last. on the long term.

Every human being likes to be touched by another, be it a hug or a massage. Animals and children are fond of it. All the Magnetizer or Energetician does is make tactile contact with you, which would give you pleasure and bring you a mild form of short-term energy.

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