The sessions are carried out either on site in Brussels, in a relaxing atmosphere, with respect and good humor, or at your home or any other place of your choice, anywhere in Belgium.

For people living abroad, the sessions are only done by phone (or Watsapp, Skype, etc.).

I am Raphaël, clairvoyant and medium , with an experience in the field of: magnetism, astrology, tarology, fortune telling, sophrology, black magic and marabou , among others. I discovered my gift for clairvoyance 12 years ago, since devoting my life to spirituality.

I work mainly in Brussels, but can travel all over Belgium. You can come and consult me either on site, away from it all, in a safe place, in a quiet place, in Brussels, or I do what is necessary to offer my services at home anywhere in Belgium.

I even offer a phone service for foreigners. It is the same for all my specialties, such as the service of magnetism, astrology, tarology or even fortune telling , among others. Without forgetting the rituals of voodoo and black magic on site or at home .

Do not hesitate to contact me, i can answer your every question without any problem.

I do not trust any material, such as cards or clocks, which are just lifeless objects for me. I am only my instinct and my gift of clairvoyance . I am waiting for you for my next session.